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First or all, I’m really excited you are here! You are up for a creative adventure that will definitely bring you more clarity and it will pump you with vibrant energy. 


Choose the project that suits you best at this point in time: 




Are you spinning in your worries and in your anxious thoughts and it seems like you can’t find your way into a better feeling space?





Are feeling anxious about the state of the world and
you don’t know what could you possibly do to make things a little better?





Is there a lot going on inside of you and you are finding it hard to express how you are feeling in a safe and loving way?







“Well, these 5 days of “more creativity and less anxiety”  really boosted my creative side in a new way and to new levels.  I had fun with it and I found new creative sides of me or maybe I discovered theme again. For some time now, I have been going through a dark time in my life and this 5-day experience has shown me a new way of dealing my anxiety, stress and irrational fears that are rising due to my childhood experiences. Thank you so much for this process. It’s been very helpful for the situation that I’m going through at the moment.” – Tara H.
“Thank you for the recent 10-day creativity challenge, it was an amazing experience.
I uncovered a part of me that only shows itself once in a while. You are obviously a very gifted and talented person, and it really felt like you were directly talking to me during the 10 days.It was a shame that it had to end. Thanks for shaking and awakening something in me, that might just help me through this dark phase that I am in at the moment. I wish you all the best and I hope that it paths cross again somewhere along the road that we travel.” – Gill Q.
“I love this project! I enjoy doing it 🙂 So for day One I went in the City and stuck two Post-its in different trains. One said: “you are beautiful”  and the other  “thank you for being here”. I love what the project does with me and the people that come in contact with it and I hope it is giving you back a lot of love too.” – Marie M.

“I have loved this challenge. It was great fun, I learned a lot about myself in the process. I looked forward to each day for what the challenge it would bring. If you do something like this again sometime I would love to be a part of it.” – Pamela B.