Soulful Sessions are private one-on-one conversations to help you get where you want to go. It’s normal that at one point in life you find yourself stuck, scared and with no clue on what to do next. I’ve designed these sessions so we can get very clear on what’s on your way and how to move beyond it. Ask me whatever you want: from how to put together a creative project and how to sell your art online, to how to deal with anxiety, how to attract the love of your life or how to feel good in your own body. 

It often takes the presence and perspective of someone for us to have a breakthrough and see things in a totally different way. It would be an honor for me to help you see through a new lens.





Clarity is everything. When we know what is happening, we know what we can do to change how we feel, our relationships and the way we experience life. And clarity comes from asking the right questions and going deep. I’ve been doing this type of soul-work for almost a decade now, and I love helping other people do the same. Soulful sessions are your chance to sit with me for an hour and get super clear on what’s going on and what to do next. We’ll create a safe space for us to share, brainstorm, combine our experiences and bring back a sense of ease, trust, and direction.


There are 3 Soulful sessions available:


Created to Create:
Do you have a creative idea you’ve been wanting to bring to the world but you don’t know how? Where do you sell it? How do you find customers? In this session, I’m going to help you set plan to make it happen and you’ll see that is less scary and overwhelming than you think.


Golden Love:
Are you losing your hope to find a partner that loves you, cherishes you and shares with you your highs and lows in life? Are you ready to love with all your heart but it just doesn’t happen? Are you wondering why the fuck everyone else seems to have the love you want except you? In this session, we are going to go deep! I’ll help you uncover what’s been going on in your subconscious mind and we’ll make a plan to align your energy so become an irresistible match to the love you want to feel.


Befriending yourself:
Are you looking in the mirror and hating what you see? Have you tried every diet and workout plan out there with the hope of changing how you feel but it has only caused you more pain? Have you ever wonder why it’s so hard to be loving towards yourself? Are you extremely hard on yourself when things don’t go as you plan? In this session we will get clear on the pain, so we can get clear on the solution. I will give you the same tools I’ve used for years in the process of becoming a friend to myself, so you can soon see in the mirror the person that will always have your back.


After you sign up for your Soulful session, I’ll send you the soulful questionnaire. This will help us start at the heart from the get-go.

The Soulful Sessions are conducted via Skype and you will receive a recording of our conversation. The sessions are typically an hour long.




1). Click here to pay for your session. Soulful sessions are €120 payable by Paypal. 10% of every session is donated to Charity Water or The Ocean Clean-up.

2). Once your payment has gone through, keep an eye on your inbox! You will receive the soulful questionnaire and the information to schedule your session. These are typically booked 2 or 3 weeks out.

3). I’ll review your answers, take notes and pull some oracle cards for you.

4). We have our session! You will have my undivided attention and you can ask me anything you want. If you want to cover something you didn’t specify in the questionnaire that is also fine!

5). You will receive a recording of our session a couple of days later.

6). Take action! The information, tips, and insights will vanish in time if you don’t act upon them. The real changes happen when you put the information into action.




This is for you if you are READY FOR A CHANGE! I work with people that are honest about where they are and they are ready to move forward. I deeply value the courage it takes to go for what you deeply want so if you are ready to make bold moves even when it can be scary, we will be a perfect match.